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New Andrea Bocelli Album
« on: November 19, 2004, 10:28:31 AM »
I just got Andrea Bocelli's New album "Andrea" couple days ago.  I really love Andrea's music, his vocal is so strong and powerful that really touches my heart when i listen to his stuff.  My favorite song will probably be "Time to Say Goodbye" and everytime i listen to it, it gives me teary eyes!  I really look up to him, despite his blindness, he never give up his devotion to music.  This "Andrea" album is great because it's a bit different than his usual album.  It's a bit more popish and i really the song when he duets with Gipsy King.  Anyone like Andrea Bocelli or heard of his stuff?  If you like powerful strong opear music.. maybe can check out this album! :wink: