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To all pro, indie, newbie producers out there!

Place your production infos here:

  • Production Name: The Million Dollar Production
  • Venues: Manila, Qc, Mars Pluto, Etc.
  • Genre: Rock, Alternatives, Funk, etc.
  • Website:
  • Contact Person: Anthria - 09xx-xxxxxxx
  • Note: You need to sell 1,000 tickets to play!!!  :-o (put your teasers here)

I'll keep this thread sticky, so it would be easier for bands to contact you and be included in your productions.

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Re: PINOY ROCK - Productions (Post your production infos here!)
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Production Name: Bandwagon Productions
Venues: Club Dredd Eastwood, Mag:Net Katipunan, saGuijo Cafe, Purple Haze, etc.
Genre: Different Rock Sub-Genres
Contact Person: Emman Paras (+639177950951) or
Note: No ticket selling required in most cases;share of each band depends on ticket sales performance. Dala lang ng bisita, ok na.
CINCO: The Bandwagon Compilation CD out now in Mag:Net Katipunan (infront of Mirian College), Purple Haze (Tomas Morato, QC), The Coffee Way/Blue Room (72A Maginhawa St., UP Village) and the LS Bookstore (inside Ateneo De Manila)
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Re: PINOY ROCK - Productions (Post your production infos here!)
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Production Name: Middle Class
Venues: Q.C.
Genre: Rock, Alternatives, Funk, Punk, Metal, Grunge, Etc.
Website: Underconstruction
Contact Person: Boomerang, Jong - 09154857447; 09174064254
Note: No Ticket Selling! No Bring Guest Policy! (You Don't Need to Sell Anything to Play Your Music!!!)

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Re: ROCK MUSIC - Productions (Post your production infos here!)
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