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Alter Bridge: One Day Remains
« on: January 07, 2005, 04:29:05 PM »
From the ashes of Creed...

I'd like to share a non-comparison opinion of the album for those who never listened to you know who! The sound on the album is brilliant, this album has made glasses of water shake on my shelf at low volume! It's pure power really comes through on tracks such like "Down To My Last," "One Day Remains" and "Metalingus." Mark Tremonti's shred solos are mind blowing and his fingerpicking style is heard to perfection on "In Loving Memory." The bass is never your boring repetitive style that lets us guitarists know the chord structure etc, it's brilliant from Brian Marshall, Flips drumming is so appropriate to each verse chorus and line very impressed. Ace mix of Metallica inspirations come through here. As for Myles Kennedy - his range is awesome, unpredictable and it comes through with real feeling.

Overall, this album is certainly not the new Creed album, for that matter this album isn't simply Creed with a new front man. Instead it a soring emotional modern rock masterpiece and comes at a time when the rock genre needs something new to push it on again. This album is most certainly the album that can do it, great songs and melodies played by a band that have found instant chemistry and have unbelievable talent, especially Tremonti who is masterful on this album and in some places is almost machine like! I adored Creed and eagerly awaited this album while hoping it would be a new sound. I was not disappointed, in my opinion this is better than all 3 Creed albums and I absolutely love the songs 'Open Your Eyes', 'Broken Wings' and 'In Loving Memory'. I would definately replace this album if my copy was lost, stolen or damaged, in fact I would do it straight away, this album has become and instant favourite of mine! If you liked Creed you'll like 'One Day Remains' and if you didn't like Creed then Alter Bridge are new and different enough for you to enjoy. Buy this album!

Rating: 5/5

Rock on! :-({|=
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