Author Topic: Latest na nabili ninyo para sa guitar (kahit ano lang)  (Read 1524166 times)

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Re: Latest na nabili ninyo para sa guitar (kahit ano lang)
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woah bigtime!  :lol:
Nyahahaha hindi naman paps. Mas matitindi pa rin mga GAS lords dito.

baka ma "special mention" ka na dun sa other thread...

Haha kamote! Wag naman sana.  :eek:
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Re: Latest na nabili ninyo para sa guitar (kahit ano lang)
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Jojo, I had the same findings on my CDs as your beam blocker. Haha. I owe it largely to the placement of the CDs (between the baffle and speaker and not just on the grill cloth).

It did make the sound more consistent as I moved around the room. Definitely the beaminess of the speakers when you're "on-axis" was lessened.

The drawback I found was when jamming with loud volumes and with other guitarists using non-beam-blocked amps/cabs, my cab with the beam blocker seemed to have a hard time cutting through the mix. It's probably the beaminess and high frequency that I was missing that sort of cut thru all the mix. Hahaha.

There are times when I like it, and there are times when I didn't. And yes, the same goes when I don't have a beam blocker installed... sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. Haha!

EDIT: There is a thing called "Tone bra" that's similar to the Weber beam blocker, so...... your one cup bra is actually valid. Haha.

EDIT EDIT: Jojo, I checked my parts drawer and saw my old DIY beam blockers (I have 2 because I used both at some point with my 2x12 cab). Hindi pala CD ginamit ko, what was I thinking. Haha. I used a 4-5" round rubber/foam thing.

When you have a pretty directional sounding amp/cab.... the beam blocker sorts of disperses the sound evenly from every angle. Notice when you have a cab, iba tunog niya when you're standing right in front of it and when you're standing to the side. When you have the beam blocker, it seems as though consistent yung tunog whether you're directly in front or at the sides.

Interesting finding on jamming with friends. I'll try to see if I hear/feel the same when I get to jam soon.

The Tone Bra is for S&M tone shaping!  :lol: Sayang that I didn't know about them. Those things are now almost half the price of the Webers. Thanks for the link still.