Author Topic: John Petrucci, EBMM Musicman JP6 and the Ibanez AZ  (Read 564 times)

John Petrucci, EBMM Musicman JP6 and the Ibanez AZ
« on: October 17, 2018, 01:01:44 PM »
If Ibanez had given John Petrucci the AZ model way back when he wanted a more customized guitar for his signature would he have stayed with them?  :-)
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Re: John Petrucci, EBMM Musicman JP6 and the Ibanez AZ
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Maybe, maybe not.

I'm certain Ibanez was, and still is, proud of the success of the JEM/RG body shape, which at the time probably discouraged any experimentation on their part. It was still the 90's after all, and while grunge would've by then taken over the airwaves, I'd imagine a lot of players who actually BOUGHT anything still rocked "shredder" guitars and listened to 80's metal.

Right now is a different story of course. Thanks to the variety of guitar brands, designs, and price ranges currently available, Ibanez was forced to innovate again with their models, resulting in the AZ series. I tried an Indonesian model at a store near my current residence in Japan, and while it was a little less playable than how I remember my RGs being, also owing to the lack of proper setup, it was a great feeling instrument with a lot more heft in the neck, and great feeling finish where my hands made contact. If I werent so bent on getting myself a Fender strat, I'd probably get this one instead.