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Shadows Fall - Live In Japan/The War Within Advance Tracks
« on: April 06, 2005, 03:20:10 PM »
Track List:
1. The Power of I and I
2. What Drives The Weak
3. Idiot Box (Live In Shibuya)
4. Destroyer of Senses (Live In Shibuya)
5. Crushing Belial (Live In Shibuya)

This band is the source of my handle here in this message board.  I might as well introduce you to their music.  This CD was an exclusive through Century Media records and also came free with a previous issue of Revolver Magazine.

Shadows Fall is the bridge between the old school Bay Area thrash of Testament and Death Angel, and the new school hardcore represented today by Hatebreed.  Vocalist Brian Fair knows how to work the fine line of barking out the verses and doing more of the melodic singing during the hooks and choruses.  The guitar duo of Matt Bachand and new superstar six string hero Jon Donais keep things interesting with their intermingled rhythm/lead combinations.  The rhythm section of Jason Bittner on drums and Paul Romanko on bass keep things really tight and interesting the whole way through.  All this is true from the time I first heard their music in 2001 with Of One Blood.

I picked this stopgap between the band's 2002 release The Art Of Balance and the new one, The War Within.  Two tracks from the latest album have already since become staples on MTV's Headbanger's Ball.  They're best experienced in a live setting though and the three tracks taken from a Japanese show in 2003.  Idiot Box and Destroyer of Senses, from The Art Of Balance shows the band in their most relentless assault to the ears and is a much more confident and tightly-knit unit.  Double bass hits like it was 1989 and lead guitar insanity is all present.  Brian's vocals lend more distinct characteristics to the arrangements.  I personally like the live version of Crushing Belial when compared to the thinly-produced studio version.  I'm glad they also included this older track on the CD.  

It didn't take me too long before The War Within came out--probably two weeks later--yet, this CD still gets it's share of spins during my short drives to the grocery store and back.

With this group making an appearance this summer at Ozzfest with Sabbath and Iron Maiden, they're positioned to be the frontrunner of the new face of metal in 2005 by the end of the year.