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Nitin Sawhney-....HUMAN
« on: April 11, 2005, 12:28:09 AM »
its one of those cd's u never get tired of...the major flavor of this album is indian but not those inrritating fake dancey types, its not a dance album mind you, its just perfect for kicking back, meditating...but not really those u hear as backgrounf music for spas also,each track sounds so diff from the next....probably because he collaborates with a diverse group of musicians like that bloke from the streets , the first trac sounds indian....fused with silky smooth r&b..with that distinct indian banshee sounding wail (loL!) just give it a try, ive converted all my friends into listening to this guy (suffered a setback tho- track 8 on my cd dsnt play welll anymore- scratched from being passed frm one person to the next) anyway spread the word =)