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Foo Fighters "Skin & Bones" DVD
« on: September 03, 2007, 05:31:40 PM »
I scored this DVD at the pirate central Quiapo, where else?!

I've been listening to Foo Fighters since their '94 incarnation and also got to see em play live during their Manila tour with Sonic Youth and Beastie Boys. So when i bumped into live concert DVD's like "Skin & Bones", i'll never pass on the opportunity to take it home and devalue it.

This DVD is a video footage off the same audio cd that was released recently. It was done in an amphitheatre somewhere in Los Angeles. The set up of the stage was reminiscent of the Nirvana, with their use of lightings and well, mostly, the set itself. The band pulled bits from the new album "In your Honor"  as well as pieaces from old materials.

The highlights of the show are:

- Dave welcomes ex-guitarist Pat Smear with a nice hug
- The mandatory solos from some members wherein Dave taps on his acoustic guitar insted of doing actual solos, and the funny solo from the percussionist, he did the cowbell fer chrissakes!!
- Taylor (drums) sang "Cold Day in The Sun".
- Dave tells his story, from his life in Scream to Nirvana to Foo.
- They actually had Petra Haden to play the violin and back up vocals

I could only describe the whole album as SWEET that i nearly wept watching the DVD. I believe that this concert is the proverbial period on the tragedy known as Nirvana. Here, they had a jolly moment and the whole vibe of the show was fun.

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