Author Topic: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020' Will Feature Every Airport On Earth  (Read 1658 times)

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In an exciting new development, Asobo recently shared a new video in which it said the game would feature "all the airports on Earth," including an incredible 37,000 airports that have been manually edited by the studio. Of those 37,000, 80 of the most-frequented and busiest airports on the planet will will be given extra attention to detail. Asobo explained that this extra layer of realism would extend to things like surface definition and more detailed signs around the airports, so that's pretty cool.

There's also a "top level category" which will feature some of the most "iconic" airports in the world, whatever that means. These airports have been given unique buildings, props and terrain, and will essentially look almost exactly like their real-life counterparts. Somehow I don't think East Midlands Airport - my nearest - will be making this category. A shame. It has a nice bar and a Greggs.
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