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Alice In Chains: Nothing Safe: Best Of The Box
« on: May 26, 2005, 12:47:58 PM »

Released: June 1999
Genre: Rock
Styles: Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge
Number Of Tracks: 15

01. Get Born Again
02. We Die Young (Demo)
03. Man In The Box
04. Them Bones
05. Iron Gland
06. Angry Chair
07. Down In A Hole
08. Rooster
09. Got Me Wrong
10. No Excuses
11. I Stay Away
12. What The Hell Have I
13. Grind
14. Again
15. Would?

Well, what can I say? Alice In Chains on the contrary to the money-scamming Best Of CD, this is actually a great compilation, that is a must-own for AIC fans, people who want to get into them, and also for someone who is just looking for a kickass CD that they can weld into their CD player and glue down play and repeat buttons. This disc is pretty much what the title states - Best OF The Box, with standout songs like We Die Young, Down In A Hole, and the ever-creepy Would? with its rumbling bassline.

Despite this being a collection of songs rather than a proper album like, say, Dirt, every song flows into another with finesse sometimes not seen on other bands' proper releases. The dark Alice In Chains, melancholic Alice In Chains, Happy and Angry Alice In Chains - the CD is all those moods, while at the same time being full of melody, aggressive-yet-inventive riffs and vocal harmonies that were Alice's trademark and legacy.

In terms of lyrics, Jerry & Layne write some of the strongest lyrics I've ever heard. Dark and disturbing, they seem to blend perfectly with the music. You can feel the emotions that they portray, as if they can capture your soul and bring you along for the ride. Not to mention Layne is probably the most underated singers of all time. He's amazing, putting his heart and soul in everything he sings, like you can feel it. Not many singers can do that. It's a damn shame not many people know who Layne is or they only know him as a drug addict.

Loving or hating, you have to admit that those guys changed forever the history of music. My favourite songs are: "Get Born Again," "Man In The Box," "Would?" and "Them Bones." They all are classics because they are immortal songs with unforgettable melodies and lyrics. If someone stole it from me, I would kick the guy's face until it was completely destroyed, but if I didn't find him, I would buy the album again, for sure! Go ahead and buy it too. They are immortal and you won't feel disappointed!

Rating: 5/5

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