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"Reggae For Humanity - Volume1" NOW AVAILABLE !!
« on: May 28, 2005, 09:18:56 PM »
:arrow: Reggae For Humanity is the name for a series of works released by Manila Jeepney Records.
These compilations will be an ongoing release of Roots, Lovers Rock, Rub-A-Dub & Rock Steady music. Quality Reggae is going to be the primary goal. It will be a reflection of the love and dedication we all have for the music. Reggae For Humanity Vol. 1 consists of two riddims: Dark Skin Girls & Guide Us. The Dark Skin Girls Riddim is Manila Jeepney’s version of the classic UK reggae hit “Black Skin Boy” by 15 16 & 17. Many of the songs on this riddim made it to numerous reggae charts, reviewed by magazines and web-sites, and received consistent radio play. Peter Hunnigale’s “King Is Amazing” & Dona V’s “Jerusalem” was very popular across Europe, while Luciano’s “Just As I Am” made a great impact in Japan. The Guide Us Riddim is an original roots reggae rhythm built by England’s very own Russ D & The Disciples Band. This riddim has the signature Disciples sound that is considered by many to be one of their best works. Tony Roots gives us the title track for the riddim and is admired by fans to be one of the most original and conscious artists for today and the future. Mykal Rose, from the great Black Uhuru, gives us a nice roots tune called “Fly The Banner”, while Chrisinti comes heartical with a tune called “Sunburnt Faces”. Many of the artists from this compilation have been through the Studio One camp. Coxsone Dodd was the owner and producer of Studio One records. Artists like JD Smoothe, Frankie Paul, Karen Vibes, Dona V and Carlton Livingston have all voiced for Studio One, and now they have songs for Manila Jeepney. Majority of the works done on Manila Jeepney was Recorded, Mixed & Engineered by Sidney Mills from Steel Pulse. For those that love Reggae music, this compilation is for you. This is Reggae For Humanity.



01. Peter Hunnigale The King Is Amazing
02. Dona V Jerusalem
03. Tony Roots Guide Us
04. JD Smoothe Father
05. Luciano Just As I Am
06. Frankie Paul Just Cooling
07. Carlton Livingston You Say No
08. Mykal Rose Fly The Banner  09. Chrisinti Sunburnt Faces
10. Tony Roots Stepping Out
11. Sylvia Tella Talking To Jah People
12. JD Smoothe & Rusty Mac Dark Skin Girls
13. Karen Vibes Me & My Man
14. Dona V Down Deh
15. Guide Us Dub
16. Dark Skin Dub  

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