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SMB Cebu Music Awards
« on: September 24, 2000, 06:10:19 PM »
This just in.....

San Miguel Beer,, Phoenix Glide and Y101 bring to Cebu the 1st SMB Music Awards! Featuring Cebuís best bands: Frank, Sheila and the Insects, Cattski, 40 the Band, Stages, Kenosis, Johnny and the Walkers, Hardcandy, Stagecrew, and Positive Aura.  Also introducing Cebuís most promising bands: Squall, Whoís Next and Cueshe.  

10 Awards shall be given away including that of Band of the Year and Best New Artist., Cebuís Premiere Party Website, shall also be giving out a special award Ė the Neoground Viewers Choice Award! This award will go to the most clickable band in the site for the duration of the poll. Other special awards include that of Best SMB Jingle, Best Original Composition, and Y101 Listeners Choice Award.  

Dubbed the Showdown of Music and Beer Festival, this event will culminate in a concert on September 29, 6 pm featuring the 10 nominees for the Band of the Year Award.  The awards ceremony proper will be on September 30 featuring the Best New Artist nominees in concert from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm.  From 6 pm onwards will be the awarding.  The awarding shall also feature Cebuís own Glitch and Manilaís Eraserheads, Brownbeat All Stars and The Dawn.  This will be held at the Open Parking Area (across Metro Ayala), Ayala Center Cebu.  

Entrance is free!!!!