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CD Compilation by Urban Assualt
« on: March 14, 2002, 03:17:59 AM »
Urban Assualt Productions will be producing and distributing 3 CD compilations.
The genres that will be chosen are anywhere from Metal and Hardcore to a
straightup rock band.
The way most compilations are distributed is that you pay $300 to be on the CD
and then you get 30 CD's in return to sell at $10 a piece to get your money
If you have ever taken part in a compilation like this you already know that
these don't sell all to quickly and that means your music isn't getting heard,
which was the whole intent of putting it out there in the first place.

On the other hand everybody likes to get free music.Urban Assualt will be
distributing all of there releases 100% free. Because of that you will not be
getting any money back but your music will be heard.

If your intrested in promoting your band with Urban Assualt please send your
press kit to the following address.

Urban Assult
2910 west 86th st.
bloomington, mn 55431

P.S. Do not send any money at this time. All press kits must be recieved by
4/20/02. Thank you