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mods pa delete po. na double post. salamat po.
« on: March 25, 2016, 02:49:18 PM »
I have a Zoom G2Nu and I want it to be part of my board to maximize its features. My pedalboard consists of MV Shredhead, Digitech Bad Monkey, Zoom G2Nu, Danelectro Fab Chorus and Joyo Digital Delay. I want to use the multi-fx as a source of modulation.

I wonder if someone ever tried this. If there is, penge pong tips like yung papano yung positioning sa chain, mga patches, settings, or kung anu pa pwedeng i-improve sa board.

*I'm planning to buy an equalizer. I hope I can raise some cash to buy it.

Thanks Philmusic. :-D
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Lasapin mo ang ambience ng gig. Kung masaya, mag enjoy ka lang.
Sulitin mo ang set nyo. Have fun playing.